"Be unique"

Uniqueness will bring you benefit
only when everybody knows about it.


Creativity, graphic design and print

Before you leave to go out, you carefully adjust your appearance – make your outfit match to your personality, points out what fits you well and somehow hide potential deficiencies. Elliot Identity takes the same care with the strategy while creating the graphic design and realizing the following print production. Be assured that your company’s images are treated by a professional hand. Be sure that the first impression is very important, sometimes it can ensure you to be a real step ahead of your competitors.
Your can rely on us that the visual style of your company, products and services will be in the best of hands.

Creation of visual identity of companies, brands and products, creative concepts, advertising, presentation materials, annual reports, company magazines, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, posters, billboards, roll-ups, stickers, orientation systems, packaging, DTP services, art and production photography, special gifts, all kinds of print etc.