"Be unique"

Uniqueness will bring you benefit
only when everybody knows about it.


Mobile applications

Time is changing as well as the life style, shopping behavior or workflow. Important part is the world of mobile devices while the mobile applications easily and more effectively take over the function of corporate staff. On the other side it also has its negatives: it looses the personal touch – you cannot compensate anything with a nice smile or cup of coffee. If the competition is targeting your customer better, stronger and more convenient through mobile applications, there is a danger of loosing your customer. We live the world full of tablets and smart phones. Your customers were adopted to this world and now it’s time for you to adopt as well.

Mobile applications – design proposals, logic of navigation, programming iOS,  Android, Windows, Company application concepts, Studies on how to use web sites and mobile devices, platform selection ...
Electronic publishing – modern form or presentation which is the multimedia version for tablets and smart phones.

Electronic business cards
E-books – break/shift of the concrete platform, arranging ISBN, publishing on servers